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Aspire Program


Join this intensive 6-week course to gain the skills necessary to become an Oracle App Developer.


Oracle Programming

After completing GenSpark’s Oracle program, most people become Oracle App Developers. GenSpark’s trained candidates are skilled in one of five tracks: HCM, ERP, EB2 P2P, EBS O2C, DBA. An Oracle Developer works with Oracle software to build applications. Oracle is one of the most widely used software programs in the world, with more than 20,000 companies using Oracle ERP.


of candidates land a job through our program


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Below are some of the topics that you will learn in this course. Get the full PDF syllabus sent to you with more details!

Note: The actual curriculum for your program may vary. We customize the training to best meet client needs, and to prepare you for success. Your recruiter will share the specific curriculum for you upon hiring.




Oracle HCM Overview

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Week 1: Introduction to Oracle HCM

Week 2: HCM Cloud Overview

Week 3: Core HCM

Week 4: Cloud Payroll

Week 5: Recruiting Cloud

Week 6: HCM Benefits

Oracle ERP Overview

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Week 1: Introduction to Oracle ERP

Week 2: Reporting – BIP

Week 3: Reporting – OTBI

Week 4: Integrations

Week 5: Data Import

Week 6: Approval Workflows & Review

Oracle DBA Overview

Database Administration (DBA)

Week 1: Introduction & Management

Week 2: DBA Utilities

Week 3: Apps DBA Introduction

Week 4: Utilities & Management

Week 5: Apps DBA Configuration

Week 6: Apps DBA Utilities and Patching

Week 7: Cloning, Backup, and PerformanceWeek 8: Recap and Project

Oracle EBS P2P Overview

Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Technical Setup & Configuration

Week 3: Procure-to-Pay Fundamentals

Week 4: P2P Purchasing

Week 5: P2P Payments

Week 6: System Admin & Review

Oracle EBS O2C Overview

Order Management Cloud

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Technical Setup & Configuration

Week 3: Order-to-Cash Fundamentals

Week 4: Order Management Fundamentals

Week 5: Receivables Management Fundamentals

Week 6: System Admin & Review


Soft Skills and Interview Prep

This is training that GenSpark employees receive on a weekly basis. We believe in not only preparing you with technical knowledge, but also in the soft skills that will help you land a job.

Some Topics You’ll Cover:

  • Soft Skills: Communication, Professionalism, Time Management, Decision Making, Working in a Team, Continuous Learning
  • Interview Prep: Technical Interviews, Behavioral Interviews, Independent Interview Prep, Mock Interview with Internal and External Experts, Interview Best Practices and Tips


Career Services

Let GenSpark help spark your new career

What makes GenSpark unique is that we take on the work of getting your tech career started. Before you even start with GenSpark, we started working with great companies to understand their needs and the skills they want in employees at their companies, and we tailor our training programs perfectly to fit those needs. That’s why you can be confident in your new role once you complete your training. Throughout your training, we’re preparing you for real work, not just theoretical training.

Job searching can be stressful; GenSpark makes the process easy for you. You will not be navigating the process alone. Here are some ways we support your new career in the world tech:

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    Specialized Tech Training

    We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, and that helps us specify the training you receive so that you can succeed! You can be confident that when you start on Day 1, you will be ready to contribute meaningfully to your new team.

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    Interview and Resume Prep

    We connect you with experts who can help you craft your resume so that you know exactly what to submit for the job interview. Not only that, we provide interview help and give tips so that you come to your interview prepared and ready to ace it.

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    Job Placement Services

    We have built relationships over the past 25 years with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. We leverage those relationships to give you the best possibility of success so that you can land your dream job in tech.


Admission Process

What you can expect when you join GenSpark


The first step in the process is to submit an application. There is no commitment at this point. Our recruiters will use your answers to determine the best program for you. Put your questions and which course you’re interested in the additional information section.

Follow Up Call

At this point, if your application meets the minimum criteria, you will receive a 20-min follow up call from one of our recruiters. The recruiter will ask you some questions, explain the GenSpark program, and understand which of our upcoming cohorts would be the best fit for you. A recruiter will usually reach out to qualified applicants within 2-3 business days, so be sure to check your emails and phone calls for our response.


Before you join GenSpark, you will have a technical interview to ensure your ability to succeed at GenSpark. The technical interview is approximately 45 min and administered online.


As the final stage in the recruiting process, you may get an online technical assessment through This assessment may not be given to every candidate, but it serves as another checkpoint on your ability to succeed at GenSpark. The assessment will be of your current knowledge, so you are not required to learn new material for the assessment, but it would help to study up on what you already know. Your recruiter will share more information on the assessment through the interview process.

Receive an Offer

Congratulations! At this stage in the process, you will get an offer to join GenSpark. Before you can join, you must sign an employment agreement, complete your onboarding paperwork, and pass a drug test. Once that is complete, you will be ready to join GenSpark and learn from our top-notch instructors!

Begin Training

Once all of your paperwork is completed, you will begin your training! You will be introduced to your cohort peers, your instructors, and all support staff that is invested in your success. Training length depends on your program.

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