A Second Chance in Tech

Meet Ger Vang - Junior Developer

Ger Vang had a broad knowledge of various programming languages, but lacked the soft skills needed to be able to speak towards his work. GenSpark helped polish his skills and Ger went through a complete career transformation.

No Luck on the Job Search

Sometimes, knowing how to program just isn’t enough. Ger soon found this out after bombing interview after interview. He needed the confidence and soft skills required to speak to his work. Luckily he trusted GenSpark.

“I joined GenSpark a few months into my job searching journey after having little to no luck with my responses. GenSpark reassured me that I was capable and just needed some polishing. I had a decent understand of many technical topics but lack the vocabularies to speak descriptively about them.”

The 10-week training course that GenSpark focused so much on the practical side that I was able to gain confidence in discussing the topics.”

Trained in the Essential

Not only was the training reiterating the fundamentals of C#, it was also asking me to engage with those topics by coding the solutions and playing with certain functionality of a concept. My current placement … was immensely affected by the training program. It gave us time to review and revise our understanding and practice with mock interviews to gain a better perspective of what companies are looking for. These skills were essential because I became more aware of which topics to avoid for the lack of relevance in the position I was interviewing for.”

A Rewarding Experience

“Overall, I found the experience to be rewarding since I had also gained a few new friends along the way as a bonus.”