GenSpark Helps Math Mom Pivot to Tech Pro

Meet Aniqa Bushra, Java Full Stack Professional

Re-entering the workforce after you've stayed home to raise children is always a difficult task. Aniqa found, however, that GenSpark was able to help her spark a new career in only 10 weeks.

Doors open, and Aniqa is ushered in

With GenSpark’s help, Aniqa was able to overcome the obstacles that had kept her from transitioning to a career in technology.

“After having kids, the gap in my work path made it hard for me to get a job. I wanted to get into programming, and I initially tried to learn Java on my own. But I soon realized that I’m a person that likes to work with a team, where I can learn from and with others. So I started looking for programs where I could work with a group, and I discovered GenSpark.”

Team learning made a difference

“It was an intensive training but not so intensive that it was too much pressure. I was able to make it through the training, and I enjoyed the challenge. I really like the team environment; I could collaborate with other Java developers and learn from their experiences.”

“It was just 10 weeks when I finished my GenSpark training and was offered a job. I had tried to for so long to get a job on my own. It just feels great to make this kind of advancement.”

“One of the best instructors I’ve ever had.”

“The instructors at GenSpark are really helpful – they’re some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I’m very glad that I chose to join GenSpark because they train you on how to conduct successful interviews. Before joining, I was very shy to speak. They led us through communication sessions and included instruction on how to update your LinkedIn profile. These are important skills, and I needed them to land a job. GenSpark took the approach I needed.”

“My advice to someone joining GenSpark is to do your best and put in the time. If you really want to do it, you can do it. All you need is to provide the effort, and you can be successful — GenSpark will support you.”

Ready for your own tech success story?

GenSpark has designed and honed our programs so that you have every opportunity to succeed. From day one, to your first job, and then onward throughout your career GenSpark is there for you. Connect with us today, so you can get on that path to success.

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