Changed My Career Forever

Meet Conor Smith - Full Time Software Engineer

Conor realized the job search was tough to do alone. Thankfully he discovered GenSpark & decided to take a chance on his future. With the help of GenSpark, Conor now works Full Time as a Software Engineer.

Searching for 6 Months

“After I had been searching for a job for about 6 months, I happened upon an Entry-Level Software Engineer position on Indeed. I wasn’t having much luck in my search before then, but I decided to apply to see where it would go. Quickly, I received a response from them, little did I know that it would change the future of my career forever.

Above and Beyond

“GenSpark gave me a shot when no one else would. Shortly after, I started my 3 month training that would put me on the fast track to receiving interviews. When the training was over, GenSpark went above and beyond to find any open positions matching my skills and fairly soon after I received my first job as a software engineer in a large company.

6 Months Later

Now, 6 months later, everything is going way better than I could have imagined and I am very happy in my new position. I really can’t thank GenSpark enough for their help!