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Meet Nicklaus Krems - Guidewire Developer

Every company Nicklaus applied to either ignored him or turned him anyway because of his lack of experience. After months on the job hunt, GenSpark gave Nicklaus the support and guidance needed to be a Guidewire Developer.

“I found GenSpark, at a time, when I had started to lose direction in my life.” 

Unfortunately, lack of experience is a common hurdle when searching for a career. Nicklaus learned this the hard way by constantly being turned down or ignored because he didn’t have the experience many employers require.

“With every place that I applied, I would get no response or be told that I needed more experience in one of the technologies that they used. It was not always feasible to spend 3 months to learn a new technology when there is no promise that they will still have a position they need to fill.”

GenSpark Eases Stress

“GenSpark really helped ease the stress of my situation. They gave me the time, support, and direction I needed to better myself by learning new skills. During this time, GenSpark was busy getting in touch with companies and getting interviews lined up. I was able to focus on myself rather than applying to dozens of positions hoping to get a response back.”

Thanks to GenSpark Nicklaus was able to start full time as a Guidewire Developer at a popular insurance company.