It’s a Great Way to Kick-Start a Career

Meet Juan Trejo, Java Professional

After graduating from university with a degree in computer science, Juan found he wasn’t fully prepared for the job market. He needed connections and experience to move forward. GenSpark filled that need.

“I got the experience I needed, and that made me feel more confident.”

Education is a big part of career success, but having on-the-job coding experience was something Juan and many of his colleagues were missing.

“I didn’t have much industry experience under my belt, so I was mainly applying to entry-level positions. I wasn’t having any luck.”

“GenSpark helped me get my foot in the door.”

Juan understood technology basics when he joined GenSpark. But without direct experience in the skills that clients needed, it was an uphill battle to get doors opened.

After a few weeks of intensive hands-on training, Juan is now gainfully employed as a Java Full Stack Developer.

“After a few months of job searching on my own, I found GenSpark. I saw the opportunity to start my career in the industry that I wanted to be in so I joined. During my training, I interviewed with a GenSpark client and they offered me a position to get started! After completing GenSpark’s training, I was confident and knew that I was well prepared for the job.”

“GenSpark has such great instructors.”

Learning technology the way corporations need their employees to deliver it is hard work. It’s not just the technical skills, it’s also the processes, and the soft skills. GenSpark prides itself on team members who are invested in the success of those learning these skills.

“My experience at GenSpark was great. I have learned core Java, Spring Boot, and other technologies. The instructors have been extremely helpful, and I had the chance to complete hands-on projects and assignments. That’s a big reason I was able to land the job so quickly.”

Starting a great career

“I would recommend joining GenSpark to get your technology career started. It’s a great way to gain more industry experience, no matter what your current level of experience is. It’s also a great way to meet new people, learn new technologies, and prepare for interviews with clients. It works!”

If you’re ready to get your tech career started…

… and get traction that will help you realize your career goals, take the time to learn more about GenSpark.

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