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Recasting the Tech Workforce

GenSpark is developing a skilled and diverse pipeline of talent, so the global tech workforce better reflects society.

Spark Your CareerRecast Your Workforce



of trained candidates land a job through our program


of Fortune 500 employers hire from us


     of GenSparkers are from underrepresented groups

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Great careers start with great connections

GenSpark is developing the next generation of tech careers by putting our decades of connections to work.

  • Finish your preparation in less than three months, and get paid the whole time
  • Build on your current knowledge and develop technical skills that employers seek
  • Develop real life experience in skills that open doors
Spark Your Career
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Increase diversity with work-ready tech professionals

GenSparkers are qualified, skilled individuals that are specifically trained to meet the needs you identify. They come from all walks of life, contributing to the richness of your organization’s talent.

Fill your technology talent gap with skill-specific, experienced GenSparkers.

  • Discover hidden gems of emerging IT talent
  • Customize training to find talent that exactly fits the role
  • Reduce cost by hiring trained entry-level talent
  • Help your organization achieve DEI hiring goals
Recast Your Workforce

How GenSparking Happens

We’ve been building strong partnerships with America’s best companies for more than 25 years. We know what’s needed and develop curricula that meets that need. We search for applicants who are a good fit for those great jobs, but need additional training, coaching and upskilling.

Our connections deliver opportunities.

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Companies Specify
Tech Talent Needs

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Applicants Need
a Career Connection

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GenSpark Builds the
Bridge Between The Two

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“The talent that GenSpark trained for us based on our specific set of requirements was amazing.”

“Hiring and onboarding talent with them was a seamless experience, and we received significant positive feedback about the program from the leaders in our organization.”

— Director of Human Resources, Airline Client

GenSpark is thoroughly invested in the success of both clients and GenSparkers.
We bring a ‘success together’ mentality, much like being part of a family.


Fill talent gaps

Whether upskilling those who are “almost ready” or reskilling those who want a new career, GenSpark finds the talent companies wish they had. Fill your tech team’s gaps with our skill-specific employees.


Intentionally Inclusive

This is our passion: to diversify the talent landscape and create opportunities. Get intentional about attracting, investing in, and nurturing talent from diverse backgrounds.


Future-proof your team

Decades of service means we know how to predict future needed skills. Our team trains individuals toward client company objectives, so GenSparkers come ready for now, and ready for the future.


Hands-on experience

We coach GenSparkers on learning new skills, while refining the ones they have. Their hands-on experience in the languages and systems you use prepares them to be an integral part of your team, day one.

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Partnering with Associations and Universities

How much more can we accomplish together than we can alone?

To impact the tech talent diversification objectives of most companies today will take a united effort. The old ways of doing things will result in the old ways of growing tech teams.

As universities and associations unite with us toward developing better systems and forward-thinking processes, greater opportunities will arise.

GenSpark looks to expand partnerships across the nation, so we can ensure that our programs and outreach are reaching those who need us the most. Join us!

Learn About Partnerships

GenSpark your way to new opportunities

Invest in your future. Corporations that are intentionally inclusive outperform their competitors by up to 50%, according to Gartner. And professionals who upskill or reskill open doors that were previously closed to them, carving career paths they’d only dreamed of.

At GenSpark, we’re invested, too. We’re invested in the success of our teammates, our clients, and in the future of technology.

Spark Your CareerRecast Your Workforce