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Increase diversity with custom-trained talent

GenSpark is helping create a more diverse and inclusive tech pipeline… a stream of talent that is purposefully trained to the needs your team has today.

Build Your Future Workforce
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Your tech projects can’t wait any longer. Find talent now.

GenSpark invests in your success by investing in our associates. Training and upskilling talent can be developed to match your needs. Your ROI will be stronger when you develop the workforce you need instead of poaching talent or waiting for them to come to you.

So stop waiting. GenSpark offers fresh, motivated and ready-to-deploy talent at lower rates than you’ll find elsewhere.


tech jobs open
in the U.S.


of all employees
will need to be
upskilled by 2022

GenSpark connects employers with the talent they’ve been seeking

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We start by listening, to clearly understand your talent needs. Java? Cloud? Project Management? A strategy for your technology human capital starts here.

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We create curricula based on your technology needs. GenSpark hires motivated, untapped talent and trains them to meet your requirements on your timeline.

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You provide us continuous feedback on curriculum and candidate quality, enabling us to bring work-ready GenSparkers to join your team.

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Our support doesn’t end once GenSparkers join your team. Continued mentorship with ongoing training is available to upskill and cross-skill with each project need.

Ready to see the benefits of GenSparking?


Future-proof your team

Are members of your team preparing to retire, or move on to the next career stage? If so, you’ll need a solid pipeline: a diverse group of custom-trained employees and a partner happy to train them on new skills. That’s GenSpark.


Speed to hire

Challenged by the time it takes to fill tech positions? Don’t hold your projects up!  Smart leaders bypass that 45-day hiring stretch. Instead, they create a diverse pipeline to bridge the tech talent gap with GenSpark’s custom-trained talent.


Customized and Calibrated

Need more Java Full Stack developers? Too many project managers about to retire? GenSpark will customize the expertise your new team members need. Our consultative solutions are calibrated throughout the project, delivering a refreshed workforce.


Increase retention

Do you have a revolving door in your tech teams? Let’s upskill! GenSparkers commit to working with us and with you for more than one year, leading to higher retention and a better return on your investment. GenSpark sets the stage: 99% Retention, year 1!

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Resilience and adaptability: the outcomes of intentional inclusion and diversity

Increase your team’s percentage of underrepresented workers

At GenSpark, that’s our mission. Our whole goal is to bridge that gap by helping you fill your pipeline with qualified, trained talent from diverse backgrounds. We offer them opportunity. We offer you some of the best talent you can find on the planet. And they’ll be representative of what society looks like more than ever before.


client satisfaction
with GenSparkers hired


of GenSpark
enrollees meet the
DEI threshold


from which we
source talent

Recast Your Workforce

Customized for your needs:

Curriculum and courseware designed to your specifications

First we listen. Next we ask questions. Then, we go to work.

That’s how GenSpark customizes its training for the unique needs of each client. We create modular curricula designed to prepare our GenSparkers to learn your specific tech stack from the 100+ technologies we train.

  • Java
  • AWS
  • DevOps
  • .NET
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • Scrum Master
  • Many more!
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“Leveraging the services of GenSpark has been a great professional experience, as they focus on client value creation.”

“GenSpark was able to help us staff 30+ resources in one of the client engagements with skills like SDET, DevOps, Java, testing etc. over a period of 9-10 months. The quality of the resources was good.”

— Vice President of Human Resources, IT Services Company


retention rate of hired GenSparkers

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GenSpark: The result of listening for 25 years

GenSpark is the brainchild of Pyramid Consulting. Pyramid, one of the country’s most highly respected technology staffing firms, has been consulting to Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years. Because of our passion for opportunity and desire to bring a soul to a sometimes cutthroat industry, we jumped at the chance to help solve the workforce problem.

We listened, and heard about the depth of client needs. We asked, and were told by up-and-coming tech talent about how their lack of connections kept them from success.

And then, we created GenSpark. It’s our opportunity to connect the unconnected to refreshed and fulfilling careers, while filling the gaps identified by our clients.

Think of it as a heartfelt commitment to diversifying a pipeline of custom-developed talent.

Get To Know Us

Let us help you recast your workforce

The future of technology will be built by a workforce that looks very different than it does today. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies are already trusting GenSpark to upskill and diversify their tech workforce.

Every day, we deliver DEI results that lead to great client outcomes. Want a stronger, more diverse pipeline of tech talent? Contact us today to start developing your custom program.

Build Your Future Workforce