A passion for bridging the tech skills gap

This is personal. We are thoroughly invested in the success of our clients, and in facilitating opportunities for talent.

We’re passionately igniting careers and empowering businesses to recast the technology workforce.

Meet our Team


Our vision is to accelerate equity in the workplace and in society by lighting up pathways to career success for individuals from all backgrounds


Our mission is to close the talent gap by upskilling a diverse candidate pool to recast our clients’ workforce

Intentionally Inclusive

It’s much more than a maxim. It’s our passion.

Don’t underestimate the value of a workforce that reflects society.

The tech skills gap affects everyone. We break down barriers by providing comprehensive support and access to opportunities for under-represented groups in tech. By connecting employers with a diverse pool of skilled candidates, we build a more inclusive and innovative tech ecosystem.

Woman in a blue shirt and yellow hat smiling with both of her hands on her head.

GenSpark believes in bringing people together for greater impact

Employers. Partners. Talent. Trainers.

No one can change the status quo alone. At GenSpark, we are helping to recast the workforce. Along the way, we change lives, communities, and the job market.

This takes alignment of partners such as non-profits and universities, employers who want to be more inclusive, trainers driven to help people achieve, and a talent base with drive and ingenuity.

That’s how you build a new generation of technologists, the GenSpark way.


career paths built for today’s demands


of trained candidates land a job through our program


of GenSparkers come from
underrepresented groups


first year retention rate

We’re breaking down barriers to success

The connections + the tools = successful careers

The GenSpark idea started when the founders of Pyramid Consulting met a young man with a computer science degree who was working as a waiter. He didn’t have the connections that would open career doors… and needed that final tranche of training.

The GenSpark goal is to find more people like him. Train them. Prepare them. And open doors to an inspiring career.

Companies are confident in the GenSpark workforce

GenSpark’s heartfelt commitment to unearthing opportunities for under-represented professionals is being embraced by companies across the country.

We passionately invest in our clients’ success through the success of our GenSparkers. Our goal is to fill talent pipelines with people who more aptly represent the 21st century workforce.