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GenSpark works with organizations to cultivate an equitable and welcoming tech ecosystem where everyone thrives.


Some of our current partners:

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“GenSpark’s commitment to diversity goes well beyond lip service.”

“GenSpark has partnered with a series of technology, university and alliance partners to advance careers and impact the future of work. We appreciate this well-rounded approach.”

— VP Human Resources, Global leader in finance

Better opportunities come from our partnerships in three areas:


GenSpark partners with Universities and Colleges to fill in the gaps for that last step in their career-boosting process.


We ally with organizations interested in accelerating career opportunities for women and minorities. We offer employment, training, and a connection to a career.


We partner with technology creators to ensure a readied talent pipeline, already familiar with the software and services our clients need.

The challenge is vast

On average, it takes six months for college graduates to find a job

Almost 40% of computer science graduates today cannot find jobs in their field. For those without a CS degree it is even harder to get into IT. Like you, we’re working to fix this.

GenSpark values your partnership, and adds value to your work. We believe in the ROI of partnership, especially when it comes to ongoing career resilience. Let’s plan together, plan ahead, and plan to help integrate a new generation into the halls of career success.


          of GenSparkers have been placed with top-tier employers

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“GenSpark taught me skills the corporate world appreciates.”

“When I was ready to get back to work after having kids, I wanted to relaunch my career. I discovered GenSpark at a Women in Technology Career Fair and I decided to join. Since joining, GenSpark taught me skills I would need for the job, developed my interview skills, and helped me get hired by one of their clients!”

—Aniqa Bushra

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Get to Know GenSpark

After spending 25 years connecting technologists to great jobs with Fortune 500 companies, the founders of GenSpark came face to face with a sad fact: students were graduating with a degree in computer science, but they couldn’t get jobs.

So they created GenSpark. It combines great instructors with forward-thinking companies, and overlays a compassionate, driven community to make a big difference — in people’s lives and in IT.

Better than a boot camp. It’s an opportunity camp.

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Let’s recast the tech workforce together

GenSpark can increase the value of your program. Let’s talk about how.