Here are some answers to the most common questions that we get.

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Applicant FAQs

Our primary requirements to join GenSpark are:

  • Authorized to work in the U.S.
  • No visa sponsorship required
  • Able to make a full-time commitment (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM)
  • Willing to relocate for the job if required (relocation costs covered by GenSpark)
  • Completed degree (required for some cohorts)
  • Prior IT experience (required for some cohorts)

At this time, we are only accepting applicants we are authorized to work in the U.S.

In addition to providing you with the technical training that you need to land the job, we emphasize interview preparation. Interview prep begins in the first few weeks that you join GenSpark, and includes both group sessions and weekly mock interviews.

As you wrap up your training, we will share your resume and portfolio with our clients and set up interviews for you. If you nail the interview, you have the job! If not, we will share feedback with you so that you can get the next one.

You don’t just have one opportunity to find a job – we have many clients and many roles that we can position you for, to ensure that you get hired. That’s why our placement rates are more than 90%.

Your relationship with us doesn’t end once you begin your job. We continue to support and mentor you so that you transition into the role well. We are invested in your success.


You read that right – it does not cost you anything to join GenSpark. In fact, we pay you, even during the initial training we provide. We believe that individuals that are just starting their careers should not be investing huge sums of money to gain the necessary skills to launch their career.

After you apply to join, you will get an invite to join a GenSpark Open House where you can learn more about our program and hear from current GenSparkers. In parallel, we will review your application and if your profile matches one of the roles that we are searching for, we will reach out.

The first stage of interviews is a quick phone chat. During this stage, recruiters will preliminarily assess your fit and availability and share details about the role.

The next stage of interviews is a technical round where a recruiter will assess your current technical and soft skills. After your interview is complete, we may share a brief online assessment to further assess your technical proficiency.

If you pass the interview process, you will get an offer to join GenSpark! Before joining, you may be subject to a background check and drug test.

Well, if I’m going fishing, I hope I catch something! j/k 👏

But in terms of joining GenSpark? NONE!

But if you’re concerned that it’s too good to be true, let me break it down for you. When you join GenSpark, we don’t require any payment from you. Zero. 👌 And we pay you a weekly stipend to help with living costs. So far so good? After you finish training, we help you find a job at one of the dozen Fortune 500 companies that we have relationships with. Here is where some people get confused … once you start working with one of our clients (with a full-time salary and benefits), we ask that you stay at that company for at least 12-18 month (length varies depending on company). This is simply so that we can recoup some of the investment we have made in you. After your contractual time, you are free to continue working with that company (why leave if you love it?!), or find another gig.

If you happen to leave before the contractual time at the company is complete, we ask that you pay back the training portion that you would have paid in the first place. But if you fulfill your time at the company, then nothing else is required of you.

Hope this clears up any questions you had!

What a great idea! We don’t have any “money back guarantee” because … well … the program is free already! 😆

But we do have some Intro to Java online classes that you can join to get a taste of what learning at GenSpark is like. These intro classes are taught by a few of our Java instructors. You can ask them any questions you have about the program, and get a feel for what the training will be like!

Sign up here.

Great question! For the training portion of your time with GenSpark, you will work remotely. At home, at a cafe … wherever you want.

However, when you begin your assignment and start working with a client, the client role may be in-person, and they may ask you to relocate closer to their office. GenSpark will help with relocation costs if that is required of your assignment. Relocation by a client does not always happen, but it sometimes does.

We ask if you are interested in working with us that you be open to the idea of relocation if it comes to that.

During your training, you will be working very closely with the peers in your cohort and your instructor.

Every day will start with a rollcall at 9AM. You will then perform a daily standup to discuss your objectives for the day, followed by a brief lecture. Other than your lunch break, times where you are not in lecture or not in a session on soft skills are yours to complete assignments and build your skills as we believe you learn best by doing.

If you need additional support, your instructors will work with you 1-on-1 to make sure you are grasping the material.

Once you are working with a client, your day will depend on the role and the company you are working with. You will continue to receive support, mentorship, training, and professional development from GenSpark.

No, sorry! We don’t have any promotions for friend referrals … at least not right now 😊. BUT, if you have a friend that you’d like to train and work with, please contact us and share their information and we’ll make sure you get placed in the same cohort!

We understand quitting your job and joining GenSpark is a difficult decision to make. You would need to assess your life and financial situation to make the best decision for yourself and your family!

We see joining GenSpark as an investment in you and your future. For many people, they either feel stuck at their current work, don’t find their work meaningful, or want to move up quickly for higher pay or opportunity. Toward this end, GenSpark can help. We promise to up-skill you (take whatever you already know and teach you more!), so that you can be more marketable in the tech field. We’ll place you at companies where those skills you learned can be put to real-world applicational use. And your pay will increase.

We try our best to help you financially while you train by giving you a weekly stipend. And we require you stay with GenSpark at least 12-18 months, to recoup the initial investment we made in you, and that length varies depending on your assignment. Think of it as a step back so that you can take three steps forward. And in the long run, you won’t regret it.

Our apologies! It might be that they just didn’t have the chance to get back to you. 😢 If you have their email or phone, feel free to reach out to them. Or you can email [email protected] and note that you’d like for your recruiter (mention their name) to call you back.

Yes! Our Open Houses run every two weeks, are completely virtual, and 100% free! Sign up for the next one here.

Client FAQs

GenSpark provides customized training and employment solutions for technology and business operations roles through our hire-train-deploy model (HTD). We focus on early to mid-career talent and underrepresented minority groups, and offer a variety of flexible programs, including apprenticeships, internships, and upskilling/cross-training.

GenSpark’s delivery model can address a variety of workforce challenges, including:

Hard-to-fill niche skill sets: Access a deep talent pool of experienced professionals with niche skill sets in high-demand areas.

Building development teams quickly and cost-effectively: Save money with blended cost pricing structure and a variety of pricing models.

Developing new low code platform competencies: Build expertise with training and development programs on the latest technologies like Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP.

Retiring Mainframe technologists: Gain access to a pool of experienced Mainframe professionals and develop a succession plan.

Hybrid/Onsite return to the office challenges: Utilize a flexible talent pool that can work anywhere to fill roles in less desirable markets.

GenSpark’s solution contributes to long-term growth and innovation by providing a predictable and scalable pipeline of FTE tech talent with a 96% retention rate and 98% conversion to FTE. You benefit from a sustainable pipeline of diverse candidates while contributing to generational wealth through career advancement opportunities for underserved communities.

To identify opportunities inside your organization to leverage GenSpark Solutions, assemble an internal meeting with the strategic stakeholders that impact business value across your organization, such as IT, Operations, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing and DEI. Once a need is identified, GenSpark can provide you with our methodology and the collaborative process needed to build your program.

GenSpark has a multi-step candidate screening process that includes Intentionally Inclusive recruiting practices, AI-driven technical assessments, interviews, and reference checks. This process can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. In addition to technical skills, GenSpark also considers candidates’ drive and team-playing attitude. Additionally, we conduct weekly customer feedback reviews to ensure that candidates are meeting expectations.

GenSpark can help you launch, enhance, or supplement your Early Career or Campus Hiring Program in several ways:

Advanced AI-Powered Recruitment and Assessment Tools: GenSpark employs cutting-edge AI technology to eliminate bias and streamline the recruitment process. These tools identify and evaluate candidates objectively, ensuring the most qualified individuals for your Early Career Program.

Extensive University and College Partnerships: GenSpark maintains a network of over 1,000 university and college partners. With a focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Primarily Black Institutions (PBIs), women, LGBTQ+, and veterans, GenSpark provides access to a diverse talent pool for your program.

Scalable FTE Talent Pipelines: GenSpark’s Early Career Program connects you with a vast pool of potential employees, with over 76% of GenSparkers coming from underrepresented minority groups. This ensures you have access to a diverse and qualified talent pool to build a robust FTE pipeline.

Cost-Effective Training and Onboarding: GenSpark invests in providing paid customized training for the first 12 to 16 weeks of your Early Career Program. This eliminates your initial costs associated with recruiting, assessing, interviewing, hiring, training, onboarding, and potential relocation expenses.

Yes, GenSpark’s solutions significantly reduce our customers’ technology project costs. By taking the hiring process and associated expenses off your plate, GenSpark can free up your in-house recruitment team and IT leaders, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. Additionally, GenSparkers are trained and prepared to be productive from the very first week, minimizing the time and effort your team would need to invest in onboarding and training them. no risk predictable scalable pipeline to build tech and tech-adjacent

Initiating a partnership is as simple as reaching out via form or email. We’ll schedule a discussion to align your goals and objectives with our outcome-focused solutions.