It’s the GenSpark way!

If you’re looking to spark your career, GenSpark is the best option. But don’t take our word for it. Read these GenSpark reviews and see how our work has impacted the lives of so many…

Changed My Career Forever

“GenSpark gave me a shot when no one else would.”

Revamping a 20 Year Career

“Working with GenSpark has enabled me to focus on the purely technical aspects of my career”

A Second Chance in Tech

“GenSpark reassured me that I was capable and just needed some polishing.”

Guided to Guidewire

“They gave me the time, support, and direction I needed to better myself by learning new skills.”

Confident in Java

“They gave me the confidence to finally be a part of a field I’m excited and passionate about!​”

From Coding Newbie to Full Stack Engineer

“I enjoyed the learning experience at GenSpark. More specifically I liked how you were given some
project concepts and you had to implement them.”

Take Me to Java

“When GenSpark said they would pay me to train, I realized that they must have a network and job opportunities for me,”

It’s a Great Way to Kick-Start a Career

“During my training, I interviewed with a GenSpark client and they offered me a position to get started! After completing GenSpark’s training, I was confident and knew that I was well prepared for the job.”

Reskilling – From Musician to Technician

“I signed right up, and found that I couldn’t have landed at a better place. They had such a clear plan laid out for me, and the fantastic instructors made it easy to follow through with it.”

Free to Move From Finance to Fintech

“It’s comforting to know that when you finish your 10 week program, you will have access to a full time job in software engineering. Plus, group collaboration and working with different personalities… I enjoyed that.”

GenSpark Helps Math Mom Pivot to Tech Pro

“It was just 10 weeks when I finished my GenSpark training and was offered a job. I had tried to for so long to get a job on my own. It just feels great to make this kind of advancement.”