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“Better than a bootcamp. We’re here to spark your career — and help you find your job.”

At GenSpark, we train people like you in tech skills that top companies need right now. Our programs last five to fifteen weeks, and then we go all-in on placing you with the Fortune 500 corporations we’re proud to call our clients.

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GenSpark is about more than your portfolio. It’s about building a bridge to your dazzling tech career.

We invest in your success. Literally. Get paid while you refine the technical and soft skills you need, and forget about the big investments bootcamps require.

Tech jobs are everywhere.

Why is it so hard to land one?

Almost 40% of computer science graduates don’t find jobs in their field. Here’s why.

  • No high-demand language skills on resume
  • Unprepared for the rigor of technical interviews
  • No connections in the field to open doors
  • Lacking experience

Genspark gets your foot in the door with tech employers you want to work for. Here’s how.

  • Trains you for specific skills Fortune 500 clients need
  • Soft-skill development classes
  • Decades of connections with trusted partners
  • Experience in a paid work environment
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“Pampered and prepared — with the mentorship, resources and training that got me the job.”

“In addition to paid training, GenSpark provided networking opportunities with clients that helped me get a job. I was able to make the most of their connections. A week or two after training was over, I started hands-on client work in a DevOps role.”

— Gabriel Llanes, DevOps 


Career placement rate

GenSparking is more than just learning a new skill


Spark your new career

We create custom courseware that prepares you to be the perfect solution for our clients’ talent gaps. Our accelerated programs are purposefully designed to get you into a full-time tech career, fast.


Accelerated program

There’s no need to wait for your career to start. Depending on the pathway you begin, you can wrap up your training in anywhere from five to fifteen weeks and start your interviews to get hired.


Get paid while you learn

You’ve already invested in your career. Now let us take it from here. With GenSpark, you get that training plus a stipend. How about that for a career boost!


Expand your skills repertoire

So yes, it is also about adding new skills—The skills that will get you hired. But GenSpark gets you there quicker than doing it on your own, and pays you along the way. Beat that!


A one-page application sparks the process

There’s no one type of person who can learn tech skills.  And there are a multitude of types of jobs in the world of technology. So regardless of what you studied in school, you can choose technology for your career. For example, we just placed a professional violist in his first technology position.

We begin training sessions throughout the year, so whenever you’re ready to pursue the career of your dreams, GenSpark wants to hear from you!

Read on to learn how it works.

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Just bring aptitude, work ethic and drive

We’ll do the rest

Get Trained

Course length varies from 5 to 15 weeks

Hands-on skill refinement

Get paid while you train!

Get to Work

Begin your employment with GenSpark

Begin a career with one of our US clients


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technology tracks

What you’ll learn, and who you’ll learn it from

At GenSpark we have 20+ tracks to help you get the tech career that you want. Cybersecurity? Java? DevOps? We train on each of those and more.

GenSpark instructors are experienced professional software engineers and trainers who’ll teach you in-demand skills, help you refine your approach and even help you prepare for your big interview.


technologies trained


technology tracks

Get To Know Us

“GenSpark graduates come in strong and our team supports it.”

“We started working on a pilot with GenSpark six months ago. They’ve brought us strength not just in coding but project management, and introduced us to a more inclusive talent pool to boot.”

—  Chief Product Officer, software company


of GenSparkers receive a full time offer from their client

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This is not a one-and-done program. GenSpark stays available to you throughout your career.

Get trained. Start a Fortune 500 Career. GenSparking is easier than you think.

We’ve spent 25+ years developing tight connections with leading companies across the U.S. We understand their needs and exactly how to train professionals, like you, to deliver. GenSpark is your partner — not simply for training, but throughout your career.

  • Software Developer L1
  • Cloud Services Specialist
  • IT Specialist
  • Data Analytics Specialist
  • Assoc. Software Engineer
  • DevOps Specialist
  • L1 Support Technician
  • AWS Entry Level Engineer
  • Cloud Support Technician
  • Java Developer

Questions we are frequently asked

You might have some questions. That’s why we put together these answers.

Our primary requirements to join GenSpark are:

  • Authorized to work in country of origin
  • No visa sponsorship required
  • Able to make a full-time commitment (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM)
  • Willing to relocate for the job if required (relocation costs covered by GenSpark)
  • Completed degree (required for some cohorts)
  • Prior IT experience (required for some cohorts)

In addition to providing you with the technical training that you need to land the job, we emphasize interview preparation. Interview prep begins in the first few weeks that you join GenSpark, and includes both group sessions and weekly mock interviews.

As you wrap up your training, we will share your resume and portfolio with our clients and set up interviews for you. If you nail the interview, you have the job! If not, we will share feedback with you so that you can get the next one.

You don’t just have one opportunity to find a job – we have many clients and many roles that we can position you for, to ensure that you get hired. That’s why our placement rates are more than 90%.

Your relationship with us doesn’t end once you begin your job. We continue to support and mentor you so that you transition into the role well. We are invested in your success.


You read that right – it does not cost you anything to join GenSpark. In fact, we pay you, even during the initial training we provide. We believe that individuals that are just starting their careers should not be investing huge sums of money to gain the necessary skills to launch their career.

After you apply to join, you will get an invite to join a GenSpark Open House where you can learn more about our program and hear from current GenSparkers. In parallel, we will review your application and if your profile matches one of the roles that we are searching for, we will reach out.

The first stage of interviews is a quick phone chat. During this stage, recruiters will preliminarily assess your fit and availability and share details about the role.

The next stage of interviews is a technical round where a recruiter will assess your current technical and soft skills. After your interview is complete, we may share a brief online assessment to further assess your technical proficiency.

If you pass the interview process, you will get an offer to join GenSpark! Before joining, you may be subject to a background check and drug test.

Great question! Your training with GenSpark can occur remotely. When you begin working with a client, the client role may be in-person, and they may ask you to relocate closer to their office. GenSpark will support your relocation if required for client work.

During your training, you will be working very closely with the peers in your cohort and your instructor.

Every day will start with a rollcall at 9AM. You will then perform a daily standup to discuss your objectives for the day, followed by a brief lecture. Other than your lunch break, times where you are not in lecture or not in a session on soft skills are yours to complete assignments and build your skills as we believe you learn best by doing.

If you need additional support, your instructors will work with you 1-on-1 to make sure you are grasping the material.

Once you are working with a client, your day will depend on the role and the company you are working with. You will continue to receive support, mentorship, training, and professional development from GenSpark.

Absolutely! If you have a friend that you’d like to train and work with, please contact us and share their name, number, and email address.

During training, you will be paid a stipend to help support you.

When you are placed in a client role, your pay bumps up to be competitive with the market. Your recruiter will give you more details through the interview process.

Don’t see what you need?

Let’s bridge the career gap together

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GenSpark is the easiest way for people from all backgrounds to get to the career they desire. Whether you’re reskilling from a different profession, or upskilling after your education is complete, we’re committed to building that bridge to your success. Start your GenSpark application today.