Case Study

Top US Mortgage Provider

The client was facing an increase in workplace attrition coupled with growing labor costs. They turned to GenSpark to help, and GenSpark was able to help the client retain talent at a lower cost point.

Increase Talent, Reduce Cost

How GenSpark helped build a talent workforce and save the client money


candidates trained and skilled to deploy


months before candidates were trained and ready for deployment


reduction in cost

The Story


A top US mortgage provider was looking for help with growing and retaining their Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) workforce. They faced a number of problems with not only finding talent with SRE skills, but also an increase in workforce attrition, costing the client time and money to hire and re-train.


GenSpark worked very closely with client to identify experienced talent that would fit their needs. 6 candidates were identified and placed in our training program, and within 2 months they were trained and deployed. In addition, GenSpark gave greater visibility into the training of the candidates by allowing the client to meet with the candidates and trainers. As a result, from day one candidates were clear about work expectations and company culture, and thus were ready to join the client’s workforce. 


GenSpark successfully placed 6 employees with the client within 2 months, greatly saving the client time and cost for hiring, training, and deployment. In fact, working with GenSpark resulted in a 40% reduction in costs for the client, thus achieving their sought after goals. The client was so thrilled with the results that they requested an additional cohort to begin training next March.

Ready to see the benefits of GenSparking?


Future-proof your team

Are members of your team preparing to retire, or move on to the next career stage? If so, you’ll need a solid pipeline: a diverse group of custom-trained employees and a partner happy to train them on new skills. That’s GenSpark.


Speed to hire

Challenged by the time it takes to fill tech positions? Don’t hold your projects up!  Smart leaders bypass that 45-day hiring stretch. Instead, they create a diverse pipeline to bridge the tech talent gap with GenSpark’s custom-trained talent.


Customized and Calibrated

Need more Java Full Stack developers? Too many project managers about to retire? GenSpark will customize the expertise your new team members need. Our consultative solutions are calibrated throughout the project, delivering a refreshed workforce.


Increase retention

Do you have a revolving door in your tech teams? Let’s upskill! GenSparkers commit to working with us and with you for more than one year, leading to higher retention and a better return on your investment. GenSpark sets the stage: 99% Retention, year 1!