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GenSpark is proud to announce that it has joined Everest Group’s Commitment to Action in its quest to connect hundreds of thousands of marginalized individuals with new jobs. 

[Alpharetta, Georgia] – GenSpark, a leading provider of technology talent and workforce transformation solutions, is proud to join Everest Group’s Commitment to Action. The mission is to uplift the plight of marginalized communities and groups by sourcing and providing jobs to workers who may otherwise not have these opportunities. Everest Group’s Commitment to Action pledges to grow the impact sourcing market from its current level of 350,000 FTEs to half a million in three years.* 

GenSpark is proud to join this effort. As a minority-owned supplier of diverse talent, GenSpark creates a more diverse and inclusive technology talent pipeline, building a stream of talent that is purposefully trained for the specific needs of companies today. To achieve this end, GenSpark: 

  • Sources traditionally marginalized individuals in the IT workforce, including women, young people, economically and socially disadvantaged people, and people that are unemployed and underemployed 
  • Provides those candidates with job-specific training 
  • And deploys them to job opportunities, typically with Fortune 500 employers.  


“We are proud to join the effort of Everest Group and its mission to bring jobs and a future to marginalized communities around the globe. As an emerging leader in the workforce development sphere, GenSpark is eager to join the pledge to bring 500,000 jobs to the market in the next three years through our customized training programs that brings opportunities to minorities, women, and members of underrepresented communities.”  
Vishak Mallya, Chief Operating Officer, GenSpark 


GenSpark joins dozens of other companies committed to the goal of addressing global employment challenges by advocating for impact sourcing. By joining this initiative, GenSpark is reaffirming its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.  

Everest Group provides research and enablement tools, sharing best practices and engaging enterprises, service providers, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in collaborative efforts. Everest Group’s Commitment to Action was recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2022. Together, GenSpark, Everest Group, and the dozens of other companies pledged to the cause will hire, train, and retain marginalized talent and grow impact sourcing to 500,000 in the next three years. 

Click on the links to learn more about Everest Group’s Commitment to Action and its recognition by the Clinton Global Initiative.   


About GenSpark 

GenSpark fills technology talent gaps by bridging underrepresented pools of talent to corporations in need of key skills. The company’s passion for opportunity and diversity translates into a recasting of the tech workforce, with deep investment in both client and candidate success. Candidates are employed and custom-trained to the specifications of client firms, connecting the unconnected to refreshed and fulfilling careers. This Atlanta-based firm serves clients and candidates nationwide. For more information, visit 

Everest Group* 


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