Tailored​ Tech Talent to Scale Your Workforce

End-to-end customized talent solutions, built for all your specific needs.

GenSpark India Offerings


Recast your workforce

High-potential, early career talent selected and trained
to meet your unique requirements

Workforce Upskilling

Elevate your workforce

Tailored training to upskill and reskill your existing
workforce, keeping skills relevant

Why GenSpark?

Large Talent Pool

Talent from different backgrounds across all experience levels

Tailored Programs

Talent training to meet unique business needs with work culture in mind

Work Readiness

Explore workplace realities with training led by “Developer turned Mentors”

Fast Access

Year round supply of work-ready talent in about nine weeks

Maximum Flexibility

​No commitments, shorter conversion times, better value, at no extra cost

Cutting-Edge Training

LMS with thousands of training modules, AI-powered evaluations, and progress tracking

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