Revamping a 20 Year Career

Meet Ron M. - Software Engineer

Ron was able to establish a 20 year IT career, but somewhere along the way Ron deviated from his true passion and needed help getting back on track. Enter GenSpark.

Many Titles Over the Years

Ron has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. With so much experience and time in the industry, it’s easy to deviate from your original workload and that’s exactly what happened to Ron.

“I have been a software engineer for the better part of 20 years. Over that time had held many roles from software developer to scrum master to management. Over time my responsibilities took me away from writing software full-time to other aspects of the software business.

Sparking Passion

While a lot of our time is spent sparking careers, at GenSpark we also provide upskill training and help existing career professionals move up in their career faster through our Accelerate program.

“Working with GenSpark has enabled me to focus on the purely technical aspects of my career, which is my true passion. Through guided training in most industry-sought-after technologies and engineering skills, I have refocused my career on what is most important to me.

A Launch Pad for Your Career

“Now, with the help of GenSpark, I was able to retain a development position within a Fortune 500 company which is a launching pad for the rest of my career.”