Confident in Java

Meet Mariana Saenz - Java Developer

After graduating college with a degree she didn't like, Mariana decided to become a self-taught programmer. However she soon discovered learning it all on her own was difficult. GenSpark gave her the skillset she was hoping for, and now she works full time as a Java Developer.

Trouble Learning on Her Own

Mariana knew it was time to change her future, so she made a bold decision to learn to program on her own. She quickly felt overwhelmed by all of the public resources.

After finishing college with a degree that I didn’t particularly like, I decided to learn how to program. With so many resources available to the public, it was easy to feel extremely overwhelmed with all of the information I was supposed to learn to become a self-taught programmer.” 

Finding Her Path Using GenSpark

I tried going back to college, but it made no sense for me to go through that again and have to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for something I could teach myself. That’s when I learned about GensparkGenspark gave me the structure, knowledge, and accountability I needed to really progress in the tech field.

“They Gave Me All the Resources I Needed”

“They gave me all of the resources I needed to solidify programming concepts, perform well in interviews, and to later land a job in a short period of time. They gave me the confidence to finally be a part of a field I’m excited and passionate about!”