Take Me to Java

Meet Kai Shu, Java Professional

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science doesn’t necessarily open as many doors as you would hope. Kai found this out when he came to the US, spent 10 years in finance, and served in the US military. After he got out, he wanted to switch careers back to what he studied: IT. “It’s more fun and offers higher pay,” he said. But it wasn’t that easy.

More than just technical prowess

After attending a few boot camps, Kai felt he was developing the necessary skills to get a job. But he learned even that wasn’t enough.

“When GenSpark said they would pay me to train, I realized that they must have a network and job opportunities for me,” said Kai. “At GenSpark, they pay you and they get you a job. That gave me confidence in the opportunity.”

“I also built confidence with the technical skills that I learned, like Java and AWS. They have been essential. But GenSpark also taught me how to operate in the real world of technology. Doing stand ups, tackling my own work, understanding the workflow – those are all skills I built up during my 10 weeks of training at GenSpark”

Trained specifically for the role

“After I completed training at GenSpark, I got a job with a client as a Java Full Stack Developer. Right now, I am working with a team of engineers to move our current codebase to AWS. My day on the job looks like my days at GenSpark: every day I have a daily stand up with my team and then I do my work. I feel comfortable in the professional environment.”

“I recently helped my team get the AWS environment successfully set up, and that was a big challenge which took a couple of days. When it finally ran, I was excited to see my work in action.”

Invest in yourself

“For anyone that is considering joining GenSpark, my advice is to be prepared. You will have to work hard, and you must do your own work. The company provides you the technical resources and the job resources, but you still have to be prepared to invest in yourself to get the most out of it.”

Ready to invest in yourself?

If you have a vision for your future and it includes a tech career, GenSpark might be the best next step. Move from where you are to where you want to be. It’ll be hard work, but you’ll have all the resources you need from GenSpark.

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